About United Electrical Distributors

Welcome to United Electrical Distributors!

Our customers are involved in the production, transmission, and distribution of electric power, and we carry a large supply of electrical products from a variety of quality vendors to meet their needs. We encourage you to fully explore our products and discover how we can help you and your business maximize its potential.

Since 1985, United Electrical Distributors has continued to be the premier provider of electrical products for the marketplace. We recognize that the key to customer satisfaction is delivering reliable, cost-effective products and solutions

The mission of United Electrical Distributors is to continue the tradition of being the best electrical distributor in our market. We value the needs of our customers as well as the integrity of our employees, and we are dedicated to helping you maintain the quality and reliability of your existing electrical equipment.

Our vision is to be a service-oriented company that benefits our customers and our associates with quality products delivered in a timely manner. We offer a large range of various vendors so that you can get exactly what you need.